In 1977, in the ultra competitive environment that has always been Hong Kong’s construction industry, Singpoli was founded by Herman Hui who left his professorship in Structural Engineering at the famed Tong Ji University in Shanghai in the throes of the Cultural Revolution and arrived at this British administered enclave with nothing more than just his drive and ambition. Little did he know that in the ensuing fourteen years Singpoli would have gone on to participate in the creation of some of the more enduring landmarks in China – People’s Great Hall, Lufthansa Friendship Store and Asian Games Village, all in Beijing; the Sunshine Hotel in Shenzhen and Westlake Hotel in Fuzhou.

Fast forward to 1991. Singpoli established itself in California right in the middle of the Savings & Loans Crisis in America. Guided by the young and no less ambitious Kin Hui who had been scouting properties in Southern California between his classes while pursuing his degree in Interior Designs (following the footstep of his mother who had also been a professor in the same discipline in Tong Ji University), Singpoli wasted no time in assembling a portfolio of properties, one of which made the lowest purchase price record, as per L.A. Times, for an office building in Orange County. The uncommon vision and judgment of Singpoli were already evident then as some of the properties acquired were totally vacant.

Singpoli Construction Inc., is now a full-service construction company specializing in the construction and build-out of bank branches, commercial, office and retail space in California.